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"Axis 360" Ebooks/Audiobooks, "Tales2Go" and Audible Stories

Download to your own device and read or listen!

Step 1: Register and Log in to the Magic Wall

(For MUS students, teachers, and parents only)

Click here for the Magic Wall (the Axis 360 site) and click on the 'Login' prompt in the top right hand corner.  

(If you aren't part of the MUS community, check with your public or school library to join their system.)

To register for the first time, MUS students will need to create a Library Card ID.  

  • Your  ID = MUS + your first name and your last name in lower case. (The only caps are the letters MUS.)
  •  Your PIN is your last name in lower case. Example: if your name were Peter Rabbit, your ID would be MUSpeterrabbit and the PIN would be rabbit.  
  • Your PIN cannot be reset, so don't use anything other than your last name in lower case. (Until 2015, new students used only their first name after MUS; those accounts are still valid.)  

A registration box will open. Choose and answer a security question, then enter your preferred name and confirm your MUS school email address.

To set up and manage your device, see the box below or watch these videos on the Axis 360 YouTube channel:

Click HERE for the iOS instructions or

Click HERE for Android devices.

Step 2: Prepare Your Device for Downloads

For setup, general instructions and help, click HERE or USE THE 'HELP' BUTTON in the left column of the Magic Wall Axis 360 site.


1.  TO FIND AND CHECK OUT E-BOOKS AND AUDIOBOOKS ON iOS AND ANDROID DEVICES:  Go to your app store and get the Axis 360 app.   From within the Axis 360 app, search for your library:  Memphis University School.  Tap on the school name and you'll see a login screen.  Enter your username and PIN (see above).  You may then find and check out a book or audiobook. Your device should stay logged in when not in use.

Checking out an audiobook will immediately allow you to download your audiobook and start listening within the Axis 360 app.

2.  FOR KINDLE FIRE (3rd Generation and up): See the separate instructions on the Magic Wall help page for loading Axis 360 app onto a Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD. 

3.  FOR WINDOWS PCs:  Follow the instructions on the Help page (see link above).

Step 3: Reading, Listening, Placing Holds, and Returning Your Downloaded Books

To read your ebook, go to "My Stuff" on the app, select the book and click "Download Now." To listen to your audiobook, go to "My Stuff" on the app, select the book, and click  "Listen Now." The checkout period is two weeks.

If you would like to check out a book and it's not available, you can place a hold on it. You'll get an email when the current user returns it.

And if you finish a book before the two-week circulation period is over, feel free to go to "My Stuff," select your book, and click "Return" so that someone else can have access to it.

Downloadable books are available to one user at a time; if you don't want to wait for a book or purchase it yourself, check with your public library. Most Memphis area public libraries offer downloadable books too. 

Axis 360 Ebooks--How They Work


Axis 360 ebooks are meant to be downloaded and read offline. Publishers provide the text and sometimes a human reader for free.  Books will say "Text to Speech Enabled" under Details if available.  Ebooks vary according to device and publisher.

Axis 360 audiobooks are meant to be listened to only and contain no text.  

Another option is to check out a tablet from our Welcome Desk with pre-loaded "Immersion Reading"--the ebook and audiobook can be experienced at the same time.  See "Audiobooks for the Nook Tablets'" page in our menu to find out more.