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MUS Summer Programs

SLAM, Leadership, or Wrestling

Director: Mr. Judd Peters (901) 260-1379 

SLAM is a full-day, comprehensive summer program involving academics, leadership, and physical fitness. This program accepts high-achieving students from the Memphis area, allowing students to meet and develop friendships with like-minded, goal-oriented students from many schools. SLAM is much more than your average summer camp: SLAM is an accelerator for fast-forward students who are identified and recommended to the program by their teachers and administrators

The curriculum for all SLAM participants includes public speaking, leadership seminars, guest speakers, physical fitness training, games, and a variety of MUS athletics camps. Fifth and sixth graders receive instruction in math, English, and summer reading comprehension, while seventh, eighth, and ninth graders are placed in Academic Adventures courses for their academic component of the program. As the athletic element of SLAM, first session students may participate in basketball camp, and second-session students may participate in football camp. The number of students in each age group is limited. Lunch is included in the cost, and each student receives a SLAM T-shirt.

  • SLAM Session 1 (June 5-23)
  • SLAM Session 2 (July 10-28) 




Boys, Grades 5-9

Session 1: June 5-9, 1-4 p.m.

Session 2: June 12-16, 1-4 p.m.

Session 3: June 19-23, 1-4 p.m.

Session 4: July 10-14, 1-4 p.m.

Session 5: July 17-21, 1-4 p.m.

Session 6: July 24-28, 1-4 p.m.

Skills targeted: Participants in SLAM Sports and Leadership Camp will develop strength, conditioning, responsibility, organization, leadership, and sportsmanship through participation in a variety of sports, games, and group activities, including basketball, football, soccer, track and field, and dodge ball.

What to bring: gym clothes and tennis shoes (white soles)

Cost: $180 per session (includes camp T-shirt)


SLAM Sports and Leadership Camp offers students a chance to enjoy competitive play while participating in leadership training. This camp is for students who want an overall physical fitness and multisport camp experience. Each afternoon is divided into three periods, including fitness training and various sports and games. After having taught the rules and basic skills of each game, counselors and supervisors will move out of the spotlight to allow campers to choose and organize their own games. This process gives students a chance to take ownership of their own play and make the decisions necessary for a successful game. Camp instructors will supervise all activities, but campers will be required to resolve conflicts, referee their own games, and motivate one another to engage robustly in each activity. This is not a sport-specific program. Students will be grouped according to age and ability. They may sign up for more than one session. 


Students attending SLAM Sports and Leadership Camp should Report to the Dining Hall in the Campus Center on the first day of camp



Boys, Grades: 5-9

July 24-28, 1-4 p.m.

Skills targeted: This camp focuses on individual wrestling techniques, from take downs to pinning combinations, for all skill levels. Beginner-to-experienced wrestlers are welcome.What to bring: gym clothes, wrestling shoes or tennis shoes, socks (required), water bottle with name on it

Location: MUS Wrestling Room; Meet in the Campus Center Dining Hall on the first day.

Cost: $180