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Pizza Talks! MUS Summer Reading Event 2017

An optional way to enjoy Summer Reading

Pizza Talks! Summer Reading Event

Here's an optional one-time event in August for MUS students to make summer reading more appetizing: 

During the first week of school, student groups can discuss a summer reading book with a teacher--and eat free pizza in the Dining Hall! Go to the page for the grade you'll be in (Fall 2017); select up to three books you plan to read, and click "Submit." (You can also read other books from the complete list for your class.)

When we match your group to a teacher, we'll let you know which day to meet. Make sure you read three books from your list over the summer, and we'll see you in August!

(If you want to join a group later or change your mind about the book you select, please contact us via email. You can download summer reading books to your own device by going to the Magic Wall.)

UPDATE, August 18, 2016:


18 teachers and 60 students participated in this program in August of 2016.  Students had a chance to refresh their memories while getting to know a teacher and their peers a little better.  It fit smoothly into the school day and added meaning to our summer reading program--everyone wins.